VPS/Dedicated Servers

VPS/Dedicated Servers

I-Infotechsys offers top of the line Managed Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) hosting packages: Managed Windows VPS, Managed unix ( unix ) VPS, Managed 64bit Windows VPS, Managed 64bit unix ( unix ) VPS and Managed 64bit Windows 2008 VPS. All of our servers are High end Dual Core or Quad Core configured hardware. For limited time we are offering FREE upgrade to our unmetered bandwidth for all of our VPS Hosting plans.

The industry's leading Virtualization solution Virtuozzo, allows you to have several isolated VPS (Virtual Private Servers) on one physical server, all with root access. These Vitual Private Servers never interact with each other because all system resources are isolated from each other. This means that other customers CANNOT affect your performance, we back that with a 100% guarantee.

Our Managed Virtual Private Servers ( VPS ) allow you to install your own modules and custom applications at your leisure with full root access which comes with all VPS's by default. All Virtuozzo VPS's come with an end user Power panel allowing you as the customer to restart, troubleshoot or backup your VPS without contacting I-Infotechsys. Unlimited domains and available add-ons for Plesk, or cPanel are available at your request.




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Top 5 Reasons Why A Managed VPS is better than a Shared or Reseller Package :

1. Performance - Powerful Hosting Package with more flexibility then all regular shared hosting packages

2. Flexibility - Ability to install your own applications without the hosting provider's assistance (Root Access).

3. End User Power Panel / Disaster Recovery - This is a browser based GUI tool which allows you to restart, troubleshoot, backup and restore your own Managed VPS without the help of your provider. You can also restart the core server components such as Apache, FTP, and DNS; even deploy a fresh OS with your former VPS account's data mounted to the new OS. These functions are associated with all Managed VPS hosting packages, and makes restoring a backup on the fly a breeze.

4. Isolation - Virtuozzo creates isolated, secure virtual private servers ( VPS ) or virtual environments on a single physical server enabling better server utilization, ensuring guaranteed resources and preventing applications from conflicting. Each VPS performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server. VPSs can be rebooted independently and have independent users, IP addresses, processes, system libraries and configuration files.

5. Dynamic - When using a VPS, you have the ease of mind to know your performance will never be lacking. As you grow along with your web traffic, the VPS will adapt as needed with the use of the Virtuozzo technology. Upgrading to a higher resource VPS is simple with absolutely no downtime, and can be accomplished on a live environment.

As an Operating System virtualization solution, the unique architecture enables the most efficient use of hardware, software and management resources. The light overhead and efficient design of Virtuozzo makes it the right virtualization choice for server consolidation, disaster recovery and production servers with live applications and data.

Virtuozzo Power Panel Features

Virtuozzo Power Panels is a powerful web-based recovery and administration tool, intended for use by VE (Virtual Environment) owners. With VZPP, a user with administrative access to a VE can easily perform many critical management tasks :

1. VE Start/Stop/Reboot - Start, stop, fast stop and restart the VE

2. VE Services Management - Manage VE services and processes such as stopping an offending task or restarting a service

3. VE Resource Monitoring - Monitor VE resource utilization for CPU, system, disk space and disk anodes

4. VE Backup/Restore - Backup and restore the VE from the backup including all system and user files

5. VE Repair - Start the VE in repair mode when a VE is broken and does not boot

6. Embedded SSH Client - Connect via integrated SSH client to the VE

7. VE Re-install - Reinstall the VE from scratch, either saving or discarding existing files

8. VE Actions Log - View the VE actions log to monitor resource shortage alerts and various VE events


I-Infotechsys VPS Offers

1. Freedom to install any software and configure your account the way you want it.

2. Security - In a traditional shared hosting environment, one account can access other's files when not secured properly. It is a well known fact that people can read other's passwords located in PHP files since they are all running under the web server's privilege, and gain access to sensitive data.

3. A VPS account (disk space, memory) is totally isolated from other VPS accounts, because each VPS account is located in its own "Virtual Environment". Other VPS accounts cannot access your files nor data in the memory. You will have your own copy of apache, DNS servers, database server, and user accounts. This VPS security model makes it ideal for secure credit card processing in e-commerce applications.

4. Performance guarantee: I-Infotechsys VPS utilizes virtualization technology that provides outstanding performance to your VPS account. No matter what other VPSs are doing, your VPS environment will continue to receive guaranteed amount of CPU, Memory and network resources.

5. Since your VPS account come with full root access, "you can set up any services, or daemons as you like", such as DNS servers, email servers, web servers, java servlets, database servers and more. Imagine having a dedicated server now at very affordable price.

Experience the advanced Virtual Private Server, powered by our multiple redundant tier-1 network providers. We only utilize Tier-1 networks giving you the best providers in the industry, with cost effective solutions that are totally under your control. With the VPS control panel, managing day-to-day tasks its quick and easy.

Based on Virtuozzo™ technology, our VPS package offers a flexible, powerful and full featured platform for a wide range of Internet applications. I-Infotechsys VPS packages are available under Windows or unix platforms, and recently launched 64 Bit Operating Systems which provide you with a large performance upgrade.